Gio’s Guitar Studio

The “Gio’s guitar studio” is a program designed for any level/any style, it will walk you through the ABC of guitar playing. Created after many years of teaching experience, this program will give you the necessary skills which will allow you to play your favorite songs quickly! Put in the time & practice and you shall see the results. But that’s not all, along with song playing we’ll also cover subjects such fretboard harmony, scale patterns, improvisation concepts, style analysis, left hand/right hand techniques, solos transcription, all of it with the aid of background tracks. Should you develop the desire and have the necessary dedication, with Gio’s guitar studio program you’ll be able to reach University level education at incredibly more affordable rates. That includes, music reading, music theory, modern harmony and more.

Curriculum included in the price, three packages available, click on costs to see your options.

Gio's Guita Studio

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