Meet the teacher

Giovanni Lombardi a.k.a. Gio Lombardi is a musician, performer, composer, international clinician, music educational columnist, music educator. Born in Pescara Italy, raised in the coastal city of Bari (Italy),  picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, he has not stopped playing music ever since.

Gio’s love for music and his natural inclination toward education, has started him very young as a Guitar teacher as well. Has played and taught extensively through out South America, U.S.A and Europe where periodically goes back to perform and give his clinics.

Gio’s teaching experiences spans more than two decades on an international level, his records speak louder then a thousand words. His teaching methodology, passion, love and knowledge translate into certified student retention (of any age) in terms of years! As a teacher for many music schools, conservatories and music institutions, he has acquired skills than allow him to relate and engage with students of heterogeneous interest. Trough his classes you’ll be able to access to comprehensive curriculum tailored to all type of needs, being able to relate to the complete beginner as well as to advanced players is one of his specialties.

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In Gio’s own words

Ciao everybody and welcome to my site. My name is Giovanni, but you can call me Gio.
I was about 10 when I fell in love with music, a guitar was available at home, my father knew how to play few songs. Later on my sister took few guitar lessons, but somehow that guitar ended in my hands, and the love story that has changed my life begun.

This incredible journey has brought me around the world, has given me the chance to meet, play and interact with many talented artists across the continents. It has enriched me with an incredible life experience that made understand what really identifies the essences of a person, that element, is unmistakably the “soul”.

Some people call it talent, some people sees it as a mission, nobody really know what it determines someone choice to become a musician. Perhaps a combination of all of the above factors is the right balance since, no matter what, you’ll committed to a life time of practice. The factor that determined my choice to become a musician was, as they call it, the “vision”.  When I listened to music my soul vibrated, it made all sense, I was taken for a lifetime journey, I knew it, that’s my story.

This has become  my way of living with the clear understanding that, the ultimate goal, is to give back. I’m very grateful for the musical talent I’ve received, I’m appreciative for the love and support I receive from my aficionados, all of this wouldn’t be possible without you. With that in mind, please consider helping future’s artists, you could significantly contribute to the upbringing of talented youngsters, your help will make the difference, for everything else…..I’m just one click away

Truly yours,
Gio Lombardi

© 2016